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Verification of Certification

The Board of Certification supports you in your career as a certified laboratory professional.

The ASCP Board of Certification offers a variety of programs and services to support you post certification. Whether you need primary source verification of certification for a third party, a replacement wall certificate, or a guide to the citation of your credentials, you’ll find what you need right here.

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) offers a variety of programs and services to support you in your career as an ASCP certified laboratory professional. ASCP certification is public record. Inquiries about an individual’s certification status will be answered with the category, certification number and validation period.

  • Citation of Credentials: Do you have questions regarding how to list your credentials? Here is a guide to the citation of credentials.
  • Certification Maintenance Program (CMP): Document your competence by participating in the ASCP BOC Certification Maintenance Program (CMP). Earn the credits you need with quality continuing educational programs in a variety of platforms that offer the flexibility and convenience you need. CE credits earned for state licensure renewal can also be counted towards the CMP. For detailed information about the CMP please click here.
    Announcement: Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, the Certification Maintenance Program will be mandatory for all new ASCPi international certificants. Individuals who became certified in all international certification categories beginning Jan. 1, 2012, will be required to participate in the International Certification Maintenance Program (CMP), every three years in order to maintain their certification. For details please review the International Certification Maintenance Program.
  • Verification of Certification: The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) provides primary source verification for all BOC certifications. Verification of certification may be completed online with immediate feedback, by placing an order through the ASCP website. Online results regarding an individual's certification status will include the category, certification number and certification validation period. Click on the Verification of Certification tab above for details and instructions for placing a verification of certification order.

    • Beware of Fraudulent Certification: The number of people misrepresenting their certification status has significantly increased over the years. Misrepresentation has occurred in a variety of ways. Individuals have improperly obtained ASCP Member ID cards or certificates of qualification from ASCP certified individuals, made copies and changed the name to their own. This copy is then used to obtain employment in a higher level job. In some cases, individuals have modified their own Member ID card to indicate a higher level of certification.

      When hiring laboratory professionals do not accept copies of certificates or Member ID cards. Ask to see the original. If in doubt, certification should be verified through the ASCP online verification of certification. The individual's certification category, certification number, andvalid date of certification will be provided.

      Protect the integrity of your ASCP credentials and your own certification record by not loaning your certificate or Member ID card to another individual. Individuals who misrepresent or misuse their certification status will be barred from future certification in any category and any current certification may be revoked.
  • VisaScreen forms may be submitted by mail to: ASCP/BOC, 3462 Eagle Way, Chicago IL, 60678-1033 for processing with a check or money order for $15.00 (the option to process payment online by credit card is available through the verification of certification process). These forms are processed and mailed to CGFNS within 7-10 business days. Click here for further information on Homeland Security Rules (PDF) and VisaScreen.

  • For the BOC Guidelines for Ethical Behavior, please click here.
  • Replacement Certificates may be ordered online through Credentials Inc. Replacement certificates are processed on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipping replacement certificates.
  • Name Change:Name changes must be accompanied by a photocopy of official documentation (i.e., marriage license or court order).
    • Online: To submit a documented name change request online, click on The ASCP Customer Feedback Form, select the topic Change Name/Contact Information and the subject Name Change. You will be prompted to login. The name change screen allows you to upload your documents if you have them in electronic format and send them via email.
    • By Mail: OR you can print a cover letter and mail your name change document(s) to:
      ASCP Board of Certification
      33 W. Monroe St., Suite 1600
      Chicago, IL 60603-5617
      Attn: Name Change
    Please allow 7-10 business days for processing documented name changes. You will be notified when your name change has been processed. Name and/or address changes may not be made at the test center. Name changes or name corrections received in the ASCP Board of Certification office after the day you take the examination will not be reflected on your certificate. A fee will be charged if you request a new certificate.

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) provides primary verification for all BOC certifications through an online order process. ASCP certification is public record. Inquiries about an individual’s certification status will be answered with the category, certification number and validation period.


  1. Before placing your first order, you will be prompted to login to your existing account or to create an account (if you are not sure if you already have an active account, please contact customer service (800) 267-2727, option 2) Please do not create a duplicate account. You will be required to login each time you place an order for verification of BOC certification. After login, you will be given the option to “Start a new search”.
  2. Your credit card will be charged $15 for each individual for whom you are attempting to verify ASCP certification whether there is an initial match or not. You will receive immediate results on-screen after you place your order. (There is a print screen option for each order placed.) You will receive a final result for each person as follows; all valid ASCP certification(s), all expired ASCP certification(s), no ASCP certification found. Please double check all information entered on the order form for accuracy and do not place duplicate orders as fees are not refundable.
  3. If the data provided on the order form does not match the online database, your verification request will automatically be emailed to the ASCP Board of Certification for further research and follow-up. You do not need to take any further action. Please allow 1-2 business days for research. You will be notified by email if further information is required. The final result on your verification request will be emailed to the email address provided on the order form.

To verify an ASCP BOC certification, you will need to enter the following information:

  • First and Last name
  • Certification Category
  • ASCP Customer ID Number (this is an 8 digit customer number, not the certification number)
  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth

Newly Certified: Please submit requests for verification of certification after receiving your exam score results.

Qualifications: ASCP Qualifications are not verified through the online verification process. Please use a copy of your certificate to verify your qualification.

ASCP Licensure Only Examination: Results for ASCP examinations for California or New York licensure only are not verified through the online verification process. Examination results are automatically submitted to the state licensure board after completion of the examination.

  • Verification of Certification for Use by Background Search Firms/ Employers/Individuals
  • Request Verification of Certification for a 3rd Party by Email
  • Request Examination Score/Verification of Certification for State Licensing Boards by mail (GA, LA, ND, NV, NY, PR, RI, and WV)
  • Request Verification of Certification for California, Florida, Hawaii, Montana or Tennessee by Email
  • Submit Visa Screen Processing Fee to the Board of Certification

    The U.S. has several states which require licensure or certification to work as an MT/MLS or MLT. Effective June 1, 2007, the MT(ASCPi) examination is recognized as an approved exam for California Licensure. Each state has its own set of rules and guidelines, so you must contact the licensure agency in each state for information about these requirements.

    We have provided the name, address and telephone number as a point of contact and information only for those states that require licensure or certification (in state of Georgia) for Medical Laboratory Scientist and other laboratory personnel. Because health care regulation is an ever-changing process, it is important that you direct all inquiries to the state department at the phone numbers and addresses listed below:

      Valid ASCP Certification Explanation

      Time-Limited Certification

      Individuals awarded US or International certification based on the chart below, receive a time-limited certification valid for a three year period. These individuals are required to participate in the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) to maintain a valid ASCP certification every three years or their certification will expire. Once a certification has expired, these individuals are not longer permitted to the use the ASCP credential after their name.

      • US Certification Category
      • International Certification Category
      • NCA Certification

      The goal of the CMP is to demonstrate that laboratory professionals with this designation are performing activities to stay current in their practice and completing continuing education requirements for recertification.

      Certification Credential
      Mandatory CMP Credential
      - The use of the initials “CM” in superscript following (ASCP) in the certification credential indicates participation in the CMP.
      US Certification: Mary Jones, MLS(ASCP)CM International Certification: Mary Jones, MT(ASCPi)CM

      Non Mandatory CMP Credential – The certification credential for an individual awarded certification prior to mandatory CMP is as follows:
      US Certification: Mary Jones, MT(ASCP) International Certification: Mary Jones, MT(ASCPi)

      Voluntary Certification Maintenance
      Individuals certified prior to mandatory certification maintenance may participate in the CMP on a voluntary basis by successfully completing the CMP continuing education requirements for their category.

      Certification with No Expiration
      There is no time limit on ASCP certification awarded to individuals who are certified prior to mandatory certification maintenance. Certification for these individuals does not expire.

      Wall Certificates
      Time-Limited Certification - Individuals certified under the mandatory CMP receive a time-limited wall certificate documenting the certificant’s name, certification category and valid three year period of certification.

      No Expiration Certification - Individuals certified prior to mandatory CMP receive a wall certificate documenting the certificant’s name, certification category and award date only with no expiration.