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U.S. Qualification

A BOC Qualification provides an opportunity to prove your competence in key areas of laboratory medicine.

In addition to certification, the ASCP BOC also offers qualifications for specific skills in several technical areas of laboratory medicine. Upon meeting specific educational and experience requirements, candidates are eligible to complete an online examination and/or work project. Successful candidates are awarded a credential demonstrating their proficiency.


The BOC Qualification Process

Congratulations on your decision to apply for Qualification by the ASCP Board of Certification! Each qualification is a three-year credential that may be renewed by providing documentation of continuing education activities in the appropriate discipline.

Available U.S. Qualifications Include:

  • Qualification in Cytometry, QCYM
  • Qualification in Immunohistochemistry, QIHC
  • Qualification inLaboratory Informatics, QLI
  • Qualification in Laboratory Safety, QLS

What are the advantages of completing a Qualification?

  • Visible recognition of specific skills in a technical area with the Qualification initials after the ASCP credentials
  • Recognition by state licensure. The state of Florida recognizes those individuals certified and qualified as HT(ASCP)QIHC toward meeting the specialist licensure requirements for histology.
  • More job possibilities and career mobility throughout the country
  • Professional growth and keeping up with state of the art technology

To receive this credential, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements and successfully complete an examination (QCYM, QIHC, and QLS) or a work sample project (QLI). Candidates who complete the Qualification process will receive a Certificate of Qualification which is valid for three years. The Qualification may be revalidated every three years upon payment of a fee and documentation of acceptable continuing education related to the area of Qualification. A Qualification will not, in itself, entitle the individual to ASCP membership.

Please review the booklet U.S. Procedures for Qualification for details about eligibility requirements, the application process, and examination/work project information.

For information on the International Qualification in Laboratory Operations (QLO), click here.

Please review and follow the instructions in each tabbed section in order to properly complete the entire qualification process.

Identify the Qualification you’re applying for and determine your eligibility.

For each qualification category, you’ll find a choice of routes that you must meet to establish your eligibility for the qualification. You are required to choose a route of eligibility depending on the education and training you've completed. Application fees are non-refundable. Be sure you meet the eligibility requirements as stated and are able to provide the appropriate documentation before submitting your application form and fee. Find out the eligibility requirements for your category:

Note: Requirements and fees stated are subject to change without notice.

Gather your education and experience documentation.

You’ll need to provide documentation of your education and specified experience requirements that you’ve fulfilled in your area of specialization. Before you apply for a qualification, you must obtain all documentation necessary to establish your eligibility. Documentation needed:

Apply for Qualification.

Review the booklet US. Procedures for Qualification for details about qualification eligibility requirements.

BEFORE you apply for a qualification you must obtain all documentation necessary to establish your eligibility i.e. experience documentation form(s), letter(s) of authenticity, official transcript(s) or foreign transcript evaluation (if your education is outside of the U.S.) must be submitted to our office at the time of application. Do not submit documentation forms and/or transcripts in advance of application. Faxed experience documentation form(s) and letter(s) of authenticity will not be accepted.

Application fees are non-refundable. Be sure you meet the eligibility requirements as stated and are able to provide the appropriate documentation when submitting your application form and application fee.

Applications will be processed within 45 business days of receipt. If documentation establishing eligibility is not received within 45 business days, you will be deleted from the qualification process. Application fees are non-refundable.

Complete and submit the application form with the non-refundable application fee, along with all the information you gathered in the Documentation Step. We offer two options:

  • If you are paying by credit card or PayPal, you must apply online.

    Submit all documentation required to establish eligibility to:
    ASCP Board of Certification
    33 W. Monroe St., Suite 1600
    Chicago, IL 60603
  • Mail your check or money order along with the appropriate PDF application and all documentation required to establish your eligibility to the ASCP BOC (mailing instructions are in the application):

Qualification, if granted, may be revoked at any time, and you may be barred from admission to apply for future qualifications, if it is established that the information contained in, or supplied in support of, this application is inaccurate in any material respect, if you engage in any inappropriate conduct during the examination (such as giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid), or if it is determined that you have misrepresented or misused any qualification you may have or be granted.

When the status of your examination application changes (i.e., is determined deficient, ineligible, eligible, etc.) you will receive a notification sent to the email you provided on your application informing you to login to your ASCP account for specific information /details regarding the status of your application. All notifications regarding the status of your application (from submission to examination results) are accessed by logging into your ASCP account.

To access your ASCP account:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your ASCP Customer User ID (8 digit number) & Password (for login assistance contact ASCP Customer Service 800.267.2727)
  3. Scroll down and click on the BOC Activities icon
  4. Scroll down and click on the View Application Status link
  5. Click on the Show Details button to view the current status of your application

All notifications from the ASCP Board of Certification informing an applicant to login to their account to view important information regarding the status of their application are sent via email. It is your responsibility to keep your email address current. Update the email address in your record by logging on to the ASCP website and clicking on “Profiles & Setting”. Failure to keep the ASCP Board of Certification informed of your current email address will result in the non-receipt of important information and notifications regarding your application, scheduling the examination and receipt of scores.

    Schedule your examination.

    QCYM, QIHC, and QLS: Once your application and eligibility documentation has been approved by the BOC, you’ll receive an email admission notification containing an authorization number to the examination. The examination consists of a 50-question multiple choice timed test that must be completed within a 90-minute time period. The test is self-administered on your own computer at the date and time of your choice within the 60 day time period indicated on your admission. To access the online examination, click on this link to the testing site.

    QLI: Once your application and eligibility documentation have been approved by BOC, you’ll electronically receive the QLI Project Booklet. Your QLI Project must be electronically returned to the BOC office within 90 days.

      Study for Qualification.

      To help you prepare for the qualification examination, reading lists and topic outlines are available by clicking on the links below:

      Qualification in Cytometry, QCYM
      - Reading List (PDF)
      - Topic Outline (PDF)

      Qualification in Immunohistochemistry, QIHC
      - Reading List (PDF)
      - Topic Outline (PDF)

      Qualification in Laboratory Safety, QLS
      - Reading List (PDF)
      - Topic Outline (PDF)

      Watch for your results and certificate.

      QCYM, QIHC and QLS: You will receive your examination scores along with your certificate within ten business days of your exam date.

      QLI: Because of the nature of the evaluation, allow approximately three months for scoring, reporting, and certificate delivery.

      Use of Qualification: This Qualification will not, in itself, entitle the individual to ASCP membership. Individuals must be ASCP certified as a technician, technologist, or specialist to be eligible for ASCP membership. Individuals who have been qualified may list their credentials in the following manner:

      • Mary Smith, QCYM (for individuals qualified in cytometry)
      • Mary Smith, CT(ASCP)QCYM (for individuals who are both qualified and ASCP certified)

      For additional information on how to list credentials, please refer to the Guide to the Citation of ASCP Board of Certification Credentials Certification.


      Qualifications awarded OR revalidation granted before 1/01/2012 must be revalidated every five years. Qualifications awarded OR revalidation granted after 1/01/2012 must be revalidated every three years. In order to maintain your qualification, you must submit a completed revalidation form documenting the required continuing education / other activities in the area of the Qualification with your $50 revalidation application fee.

      View suggested subject areas for continuing education:

      Individuals who allow their qualifications to expire will be permitted to reinstate their qualification by completing the revalidation form, completing the required points, and submitting the current revalidation fee as well as a reinstatement fee of $50. If the Qualification is expired more than ten years, the individual must retake the online examination or submit a project, dependent on the qualification category.

      For Steps on how to Synchronize Maintenance of a Certification and a Qualification, click here.